Leavers should not get penalty

(Sytry) #1

It sound hard and unfair for the players that stay but I can understand if you play 20 ranked and 12 games are team up with noobs by lvl 7 and 10 then I would leave quickly then rather to stay and keep playing 30 min with a fail team. People having they limit about how many loses by noobs with no experience and they go “ranked” and ruin the balance in ranked. Leave or stay in a losing battle is 10 points anyway.

(Mustang) #2

Never going to happen, try to use the surrender vote in these cases.

(Sytry) #3

Mayby that is something worth of it instead going for surrender vote if because surrender vote need team support and if noobs refuse to surrender you will stay with them for 30 min.

(Chronicler) #4

Another thing you could do is join TAW and played ranked in team :wink:


Mustang knows what I’m talking about.

(AssortedStuff) #5

I can understand OP’s point of view, as the Matchmaker proves regularly that it doesn’t know what is doing. (unfortunately)
BUT if people were allowed to just leave a match many people would be doing it and would be hard to get a match to completion.

(DarkangelUK) #6

You see it time and again with pubs, the 1st objective is lost and def instantly launch a shuffle vote. If people could leave without penalty then they’d be quitting way more often than they currently.


Do everyone a favour and stay away from ranked.

(Cgz27) #8

Yea, if the team doesn’t vote then you should probably at least stay and try.

The way you word your arguments makes me think that you are one of those leavers that just want to be justified for leaving and not wasting YOUR own time. There is still a chance to win and a good chance you team might believe so as well (maybe the other team also sucks at defending/attacking, make sure your team knows this if you think you have to).

Sure, some people who are newer to the game may give up early if they lose the first round doesn’t mean they can’t learn to suck it up and try. The way things are right now even I am now staying away from ranked to wait for patches to counteract matchmaking, hackers and maybe time for people to do their placements. (although can also be counter intuitive :P)

The whole point of stopwatch is to give both teams a chance of playing the round (as some maps are easier to defend or attack than others and also maybe bot teams suck at defending/attacking). Giving up after the first round ENSURES your team loses, you can’t honestly believe you instantly lose without trying (and it doesn’t f**** count if you are not trying to win just to prove that you’re right).

So yea, if you are one to give up so easily and not feel guilty about it. As encouraged by Zar. , Stay away away from ranked.

Oh and uh “keep playing 30 min with a fail team”? Uh…
If you actually make it to 30 minutes then its probably a draw. Which means that teams are pretty much even.
Which is arguably worth the time in terms of points and not losing as much rank.

I’m a veteran LoL player and let me tell you, missing one person there cus of this stuff is a lot more time-consuming (and 10x worse)

(light_sh4v0r) #9

And even in LoL I’ve had some epic 5v4 matches…