LawBreakers gone FREE2PLAY!

(binderr) #1

Ello guys, was browsing the youtube and saw this video…

thought I let some of you know if don’t no already!
Might as well try it out till September shutdown date.

Sept 14 seems the date…

(GatoCommodore) #2

fuggen finally

(Mustang) #3

Bet they don’t release server binaries so the community can host servers, that is something I would actually applaud.

Going free2play for only 3 months is pointless, it’s just their way of trying to say “don’t hate us guys, buy our next game please” (yes I know the studio has shutdown, but many of the devs are staying in the industry, and Nexon certainly aren’t shutting down).

Game was originally announced to be free2play in the first place, just throwing that out there incase people weren’t aware.