Last Impressions - for this round

(phila_delphia) #1

Hi there! I am sure all of this has been stated in one way or the other. Still I take to chance to drop my last 2 cents for this round:

  • Reviving at times is very unprecise. Someitmes I feel i have to hit the ability thrice to get the desired effect (if I am not dead by then :wink:
  • The Molotov Ability of the Stoker is far to heavy on on vehicles. After 1-2 seconds in the fire the vehicle will loose almost 90% of it`s “health”. I deem this too harsh.
  • The map “Blockout” allows you to literaly get trapped in the spawn zone if you have a good team against you.
  • The map “Chapel” feels very narrow overa all. This imho leads to either “choke” or “rush” like in the BRINK “Container City” Map

All the best for the Team. Hope to see you soon!

Best regards


(Anaconda) #2

I agree with all these points, Ive had the same experience especially on Blockout. Its no fun when you cant get out of spawn because theres no alternate route and the enemy team is holding good position right outside your spawn.