(responsibleKangaroo) #1

Aren’t they a little too slow to climb for such a fast paced game? You don’t even get to shoot while doing so

(Dr_Plantboss) #2

Most ladders are in places where you don’t HAVE to use them. They are typically faster or more direct routes to where you need to go. Another thing to think about is that the most popular maps don’t even have ladders.

Just don’t use the ladders if you don’t like them.

I do think that merc speed should affect the speed at which you move, with the current speed being the speed of 120 HP mercs.

(responsibleKangaroo) #3

Yeah the point is: Does anyone like ladders in this game? or are they there just to be avoided

(Dr_Plantboss) #4

They are only found on Dome.

Everybody hates Dome.

I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

(henki000) #5

I think they are too fast to climb, considering how much stuff some mercs haul in their bags. I thought it would be hard to carry minigun, shotgun and handgun, with bombproof combat armor and infinite minigun ammo from ladders. But maybe it should also be more easier to take grip of ladders when fast jumping.