L2P with others

(Johnny_5) #1

Hey there! I am hoping to find someone I can play this game with. I love battlefield, and play that as my main MP shooter. I found this game, and turned out I love it very much so. I play medic, love Sawbonez, and tend to run around like a chicken reviving and throwing medpacks at people. I have a microphone, and don’t care how old you are. I don’t like to bar people from having fun.

I would like to point out my average k/d is like .4 on a good game. I suck at shooting, always have been. I prefer playing support by throwing ammo, medpacks, explosives, or just reviving. If you want someone who is a god in the killing department I am not that guy. I am the least qualified among you to be the tank. I have 15 hours at time of this post. I am level 6 half way to 7.

So, if you are still interested in me for your team or clan…hit me up! Comment or message me, and I’ll send you my steam ID so you can add me!


(pontapolarn) #2

Add me :slight_smile: