Kid needs a hand.

(RabidDoG) #1

Hello fellow DBers…OG Rabiddog here…and WE need your vote!!
There is this contest for ASRock Mobos and AMD.And as I have a AMD and a ASRock I have entered.
I been building gaming rigs since 2002,all AMD,still have my first single core FX Clawhammer.
But as the times are what the are and money being very tight,I need views and questions about my setup too win so as I can build my son a way better rig than that old clawhammer and ATIx850pro.You do need to register to ask questions,but dont have to verify email.There are some nice setups,but all the people posting are all the same 4 people bumping up each others post count…Contest is for 5 more days…
And we need your help to get my boy a rig that can play DB.
Thank you from us both.[OG]Rabiddog…[OGjr]SonofaRabid

(RabidDoG) #2

1 day left…
Come on DBers…Help a little kid out.

(GameplayinDog) #3

Monies are tight all around…Ill stop in,GL too the boy on winning.

(Adam) #4

Hey friends I never met, but associate as friends.
Adam here, aka xXxhexagonslayer123xXx69, make sure to comment, rate, and subscribe.