Kicked from ranked matches ' server full '

(SirBaas) #1

Type of Bug: Server Bug

Description: Since 2 days ago, i’ve been kicked from ranked matches 3 times.

The first time it sent me back to the party, with the ‘exit party’ button greyed out- not able to click on it. The ‘join game’ button was not there at all- it had dissapeared. When I tried to exit the game it told me ‘if you leave a game in progress you will get punished’. The big blue button at the top of the screen said I was searching for a match, but the game obviously wasn’t doing that.

Second and third time I just got kicked back to party, with the popup ’ server full '. Unable to join my ranked match again, leaving my team behind. I then just searched for new matches.

Steps to reproduce:** well, just play a ranked match.

Result: What happened after you experienced the bug.
Expected result: N/A
Reproduction rate: 3/5 I think, maybe 3/6.