key bindings by merc

(Cankor) #1

Please SD, implement a key bindings scheme where we can set up our bindings differently for each merc, then when we play that merc it uses the bindings we’ve saved for him/her.

That way we can put our ammo/med packs on the same key and so forth (it goes way deeper than that, i want special weapons like, nade launcher, mini-gun, target laser on same key, I want mines on same key as packs, etc.

This is especially important for me because I have a gimped left hand and not a lot of mobility there, so it really helps me to be able to use my mouse buttons to switch weapons, crouch, and so forth.

I bet this would make a lot of people really :smiley:

(Nail) #2

I know that’s one thing everyone would cheer for, I also have left hand functionality issues, binds would be very handy

(alphabeta) #3

I think everyone would want this. The inconsistencies of the key binds for ammo & med packs between different mercs is maddening.

(BomBaKlaK) #4

Yep Keybind by merc is a great thing we need