Just where is objective mode?

(RectalTerror) #1

Good old server browser no longer lists objective, only stopwatch. Is this to promote the new casual matchmaking?

Well it indeed forced me to waste my time trying it. Couldn’t pick any option, waited for over a minute for “players to connect”, couldn’t even find any back button, had to alt+F4 the game.

There are so many things broken in DB… the UI wasn’t one of them. The new one is just horrible, it looks like made by someone who owns a 4k monitor and doesn’t give a shit about the one most people still have. Text is too small, the whole thing looks amateurish while the old one was perfect.
And again, matchmaking sucks and I can’t find any objective server to join. It just makes the game look dead(er) now, it hardly lists 6 european stopwatch servers.

(znuund) #2

I agree that the UI was fine but you just have to get used to it again. trust me it doesn’t take a trillion hours to do so.
And yes, there is a cancel button while searching cmm.

But I agree that if I want to have a quick game, I usually want to use the server browser. I don’t like to queue playing solo. Last time I queued I didn’t have a game in 90 seconds, but I have to admit it was not the usual time of the day where a lot of people play. Of course the algorithm needs time to find players, but I just wanted to have a quick game.

On a side note: when I couldn’t find a game I looked up in the server browser and I found two almost full stopwatch servers xD

I guess, SD could make a test run with both options available and then they will have the numbers

EDIT: I like CMM. It gives me the option to easier convince my friends to play with me :slight_smile: the “hey join my game and come to my team if possible” was not enough

(RectalTerror) #3

Well if it’s true that obj mode is gone, I’m leaving this game. Only a couple of stopwatch servers left, game feels dead.
CMM sucks, it’s the drawbacks of ranked, without any of the benefits of ranked. It’s not like balance worked, if it didn’t work for ranked, it’s not gonna work here either. Yes, playing in a random pub server sucks, that’s totally true. But ranked/CMM sucks even more. My routine was to play in pub servers & leave a couple of unbalanced pubstomps, until I find a good server. But then I stay on that server, and as long as the matches keep being good, no one leaves. With CMM you can’t even play again with the same people - or if you can, I haven’t found out how. And how is that “casual” when you have to wait for this long? Waiting was already this game’s #1 problem.

As for the new UI, I can’t even find where the “missions” are when you leave the main page.
Which doesn’t matter anyway, since I’m not gonna play “objective” missions.

And from what you’re saying, CMM allows you to play with your friends on the same side? Well that’s one more reason for me not to play that. I don’t wanna be gun meat for coordinated players.

(Nanobot_FPS) #4

I enjoy playing objective servers and always used the server browser, which imho, is broken now. The only objective servers I can find are in Brazil (I live in Canada), and I hate the 140 ping. Any other obj servers that come up have a worse ping, and I won’t play them. I used to play every day and now I am logging in every 4 days to see if any US East or US West objective servers show up. I played today again on a Brazil server but still hate the high ping. I won’t use that match maker function because in the past half the time I found an objective server on the server browser in less than 30 seconds, play a map, then log off (because I have other things to do). That match maker makes me frustrated and takes too long. I don’t like stopwatch. I am going to look for another game with less frustration.

OCB Nanobot

(Sgt_Engee) #5

Shoe addressed it yesterday in the weekly video on the YouTube channel. At the 2:38 mark:

“Objective mode will continue to only be playable in NA and EU regions via causal matchmaking”.

(znuund) #6

CMM is by far not like ranked MM. The big difference here is the amount of players queuing up. In ranked MM there is/was not a lot of players in the queue so it can’t balance the match effectively, resulting in long wait times and stomps.
CMM has much more players and from my experience EVERY game I had in CMM was really enjoyable to play and a real challenge. I actually had real team mates what was happening. They already said, that they are on to making the whole queuing process quicker and reduce the waiting times and I am pretty sure that they will change that the teams disband after one match.

So unfortunately for you, you can’t anymore join servers until you are on the right side of the stomp and have fun.

This whole post of yours just feels like the regular whine and it is not helping if you dare to leave the game just because you don’t like it anymore. The game is changing and it is changing much quicker than it was. With every change there needs to be optimization. To give up right after the change got introduced is just bad attitude.

(Mr.Cuddlesworth) #7

I miss this mode and the old 8vs8 servers :frowning:

(RectalTerror) #8

Really, I haven’t touched objective for months now, and I’m fine with stopwatch/server browser only.
A few times at night, when the (very) few stopwatch servers were all full (makes you wonder if hiding the server browser isn’t aimed at not making the playerbase look so small), I’ve tried CMM again.
Not only I had to wait like 2 min, I had to wait AGAIN, ranked-style, in front of pointless animations and in-game again, more than usual. CMM should be click…join match…play. I had already stopped playing ranked because I was waiting way more than playing, and life is too short.
And of course the matches were unbalanced, but even if they HAD been balanced… there’s no way to continue playing with the same dudes. How dumb is that, really? If, by chance (it sometimes happens) you’ve played a nicely balanced match with good players on each side… don’t you want to PLAY WITH THEM AGAIN??