Just got banned after one game for no reason?

(Sioptix) #1

I played my first game of Dirty bomb in about a year and got banned from the only active server. I have no idea why i went 12-1 by no means was i doing anything weird did they just not like me? You would think they would be happy to see another player SMH i dont even

(Press E) #2

What actually happened? Did you finish the match, did you suddenly get kicked to the lobby, did the game close, did the server disappear, did they vote kick you, was there any error message, etc?

DB does just sometimes bug out, there are a bunch of glitches I’ve seen that could look like a ban if you’re not used to the game’s quirks.

DB’s anticheat also doesn’t like certain software running in the background. I can’t find a list but try just closing everything before playing. Apparently spotify used to get flagged, so you never know


This is the right answer. There are plenty of different explanations here, but we’re going to need more information from @Sioptix before we can figure this out.

If you got vote-kicked by other players, you should just be able to rejoin after a while. If you got banned from a Community Server by one of its admins, then that’s something you’ll have to chase up with that particular community.

If you have screenshots of any error messages, that would help us immensely.

(Sioptix) #4

I ended the first match and was about to start the second match when I got kicked from the server no voting and when i tried to rejoin it said i had been banned from the server no errors nothing that was it. you can see were my confusion has come from :frowning:

(Mr.Cuddlesworth) #5

maybe you killed the admin too many times and they got salty :guardian:

(Press E) #6

Honestly that’s probably it. I’ve seen people get angry enough to votekick someone plenty of times, and if they’re an admin then that’s pretty easy to do. Happens especially if you’re playing sniper. Sometimes people just get salty

@Sioptix as long as you can still access other servers then it should be fine. If it specifically said kick too, then you should be able to rejoin that server by now anyways

(ASD) #7

a ban is also not permanent… with the next map the ban is gone… as bans are broken