June 20th Update: Menu and Contract Fixes

(Chris Mullins) #1

In this update we’re fixing a couple of small issues to improve your experience when interacting with Dirty Bomb menus:


  • Fixed issue where two confirmation notifications would appear when Re-Rolling Contracts
  • Fixed issue where Loadout Cards would remain visible in the inventory after being Recycled
  • Fixed issue where Weapon Cases couldn’t be Recycled

Shortly after the update we’ll also make a few back-end changes to fix a couple of issues with Contracts. These are:

  • An issue where players would not receive multiple Re-Roll Tokens after not logging in for multiple days
  • An issue where Contracts would not function correctly between 23:00 and 07:00 BST

We’ll also be tweaking the XP required to complete Contracts to make them a little quicker to complete and upping the total number of Re-Roll Tokens you can have at one time. These changes have been made partly due to player feedback and current Credit earn rates:

Overall XP

  • 15,000 XP (from 17,000 XP)
  • 30,000 XP (from 34,000 XP)
  • 60,000 XP (from 69,000 XP)

Combat XP

  • 8,500 XP (from 9,000 XP)
  • 16,500 XP (from 18,000 XP)
  • 33,500 XP (from 36,000 XP)

Support XP

  • 5,500 XP (from 6,000 XP)
  • 11,500 XP (from 12,000 XP)
  • 23,000 XP (from 24,000 XP)

Objective XP

  • 4,500 XP (from 5,000 XP)
  • 8,500 XP (from 10,000 XP)
  • 17,500 XP (from 20,000 XP)


  • 25 mins (from 30 mins)
  • 50 mins (from 60 mins)
  • 100 mins (from 120 mins)


  • Increased maximum stack to 5 (from 4)

Contract Changes
(Chris Mullins) #2

(Jigstraw) #3

It’s the third contract in every category everyone has major problems with my dudes. the first and second are fine and nobody’s complaining about them. But the series should follow a linear growth pattern, not the exponential one it currently uses.

15->30->45 instead of 15->30->60
8->16->24 instead of 8->16->32
5->10->15 instead of 5->10->20


who decided pairing exponential requirements with a linear reward was a good idea anyway? players were never going to be okay with that. 100% more work is worth far more than 15% more reward or whatever the math works out to.

If you’re not going to adjust the requirements, change the payouts so they more closely correlate to the amount of work required.

(Freadanator) #4

Okay, the overall lowering is kinda okay, but I still have no will to complete the final reward when it’s the level three. I just see it and sigh. Because it means that I will need to go with my best XP grinder every time. I remember in the Dev vid when it was first mentioned that they didn’t want to force people on using mercs. But with the requirement being so high I may as well use one merc for for it, being forced to use one. And just removing 500 XP does not help with the issue.

I do kinda agree with the previous post about it making it a flat increase instead of a exponential one. Either that or make the reward exponentially increase. Then it would actually be rewarding to complete the absurd requirement.

(k3endo) #5

Contracts fixed none of the problems the missions had, as if you had a shitty mission you had the OPTION to cancel it, knowing full well you’ll get at least a few more chances a day to earn. In the current system, its all or nothing. If you decide to not go for the missions, a huge chunk of credits are wasted and usually you cant do much to resolve it. if you’re lucky you have a re roll, but then THAT re roll has a stupid mega mission TOO.

If i had the option to go back to the old system, id go back to it without a single thought. the current system has managed to be even more restrictive with the illusion of freedom. And the 500 extra completion bonus may as well not exist, as it does nothing to entice someone to complete the final mega mission.

(binderr) #6

Yep, well said, the third tier contract that makes not sense. Fine, keep the third tear requirements and up the reward; 800>1000>1500 credits!

I will just skip the third tier contracts till than. Good effort!