Joystick support removed?

(SuperDre) #1

I haven’t played a while and I’ve started the game backup today, but it seems that the controller/joystick support has been removed since last time I’ve played. Can’t get the menu’s to recognize the buttons on my joystick. Also I do think it ignores the settings of the local config files, as AllowJoystickInput is set to 1.

And don’t go blabbing here that KB/M is better, because it isn’t, I’ve been using the Joystick as a replacement for the keyboard, so I use it with my left hand to walk around, jump/duck/change weapon/use/reload etc. and my right hand I still use the mouse. Even if someone would be willing to use an xbox controller or dualshock they should be able to do so without the need of keyboard emulators. I’ve seen controller users beat KB/M users many times.

(Mc1412013) #2

As far as i know there was never official pad support.

(SuperDre) #3

It was never blocked before. At least a year ago it was still possible to just assign an action to your controller. But now it seems they blocked all joystick/controller support. It worked perfectly before.

(Mc1412013) #4

Dont know how. they came out and said multiple times db didnt support conteollers

(Nail) #5

config option was removed/disabled

(SuperDre) #6

But I don’t understand why they removed/disabled it. The engine supports it and it had always worked.

(Mc1412013) #7

Theres a lot of things in this game that one understands why just add it tonthe list

(K1X455) #8

Simply put, you’re playing the wrong game.

If your “controller” can emulate keyboard/mouse controls, then there’s a way to do it.

(SuperDre) #9

what kind of BS answer is that “You’re playing the wrong game”? you were able to use the joystick/controller for years through native support, but since an update last year it isn’t possible anymore. But now I have to use an external application to do the same, which just isn’t the most optimal solution… So I came here in the hope for some explanation from Splashdamage why they removed it as it never was a problem (and the few problems it might had (drifting characters) were nothing but incorrect default settings in the configfile).

(Press E) #10

Yeah, SD’s choices can be confusing at the best of times.

Personally I think if you can do well with a controller, you could do even better by getting used to a keyboard and mouse. But if someone really really wants to play with one even if it does shoot them in the foot, I don’t see why it’s an issue. I don’t expect SD to put work into supporting it but to put work into closing it off is just weird to me

(SuperDre) #11

People think when you mention a controller, that you’re using an xbox controller… But I’m using a joystick in my left hand for moving around, duck/jump/sprint/use/reload/change weapon and my mouse in the right hand… I cannot use the keyboard as I immediately feel the pain of RSI after a few minutes of play with the AWSD keys, using the keyboard is just very bad for your health… I only use the keyboard for the functions you don’t use a lot, like changing character or chat…
It has got nothing to do with ‘getting used to a keyboard’…
I’ve been playing with the joystick that way since UT99 when I accidently pushed the joystick while playing the keyboard, and I saw my character move…
I use the logitech Extreme 3d Pro joystick… As I said, people are completely blind to when you mention ‘controller’, always only thinking of a xbox or dualshock like controller… Hell, even the ‘controller support’ in Steam only thinks of that…
And that’s exactly what it is, I don’t expect them to add extra support for it (even though it’s not even that much work to add a setting screen to set it up properly). but to remove it even though it has been in place for multiple years is unbelievable…

(K1X455) #12

If you want a more technical answer,

The analogue input of the X and Y axis movement of your “controller” translates to various analogue states that potentially can cause process overhead in the game execution thread. Unlike pressing keyboard keys which only has 2 possible states (on/off), the processing of smaller data is much faster and saves a lot of CPU cycles. And remember, the pace at which the game engine is getting updates from the server requires some CPU crunching power because any missed packets is interpolated by the game engine resulting in less choppy movement.

Also, keyboard commands allow reflex like movement (because switching states from 0 to 1 is much faster) unlike a “controller” which has acceleration from one direction to the opposite direction.

(SuperDre) #13

As a developer myself and having used the UnrealEngine (99, 2003/2004 and a little UE3) also myself. Yes you’re right the analogue state does take some time in relation to a simple button press, but it’s next to nothing compared to the rest what the engine has to handle. And the engine has native support for it and it never was a problem. You also seem to forget that a lot of keyboards these days are wireless which also adds it’s own latency.
And again, it has worked for years with Dirty Bomb, but only been disabled a few months ago (or so).
The way the analogue works isn’t really a problem for competetive gameplay, and it certainly doesn’t have any real impact on the CPU (background processes from windows have way WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more impact on the cpu power).
And who cares if keyboard commands allow reflex like movements, it doesn’t make you a better player, practice does and not having to care about RSI (which keyboard playing is one hell of a major factor in) is.

I have a feeling you have no real idea what you’re talking about, because yes analogue has an acceleration from one direction to the other, but that’s not how the UnrealEngine interprets it, at least not when it comes to direction (yes you can make use of the acceleration if you want to but in most cases it’s about just hitting a certain border which makes the engine interpret it the same as if it got a keystroke, that’s all setup through parameters in the configfile). With keyboard you also get a lot of ‘ticker’ events if you press a button or not, so it isn’t as simple as just switching of the states…

(Mc1412013) #14

If it existed Sd removed it for a reason(though it may be a questionable decision/reason) . Sorry to break it to you but devs have most likely completely abandoned this forum, and any dev still in sd that worked on this game has moved on. Chances of getting the answer u keep demanding sadly isnt gona happen.

(K1X455) #15

You should understand that the UE3 engine DB is running is highly modified with a lot of add-on modules that contest the game processing thread. You’re right to agree with me regarding the acceleration of the stick from one end to the other, but Unreal Engine is bound by the laws of physics; and it can only interpret data what the physical law permits . I simply stated the over arching reasons why it’s not good practice to allow the game engine to support such devices.

I’ve been using Flight Control Sticks since 1991 (Microsoft Sidewinder, with yaw control) and have followed the evolution of FCS, RCS and TCSystems for desktop flight sims since. One of the latest game engine in the flight simulator gets serial updates and data is fetched at full bandwidth of the USB port where a FCS is attached. Data is collated by the game engine and translates that into user control action in the simulator (this is control process) and this is one of the essential overhead that needs CPU processing. UE3 on the other hand (if it does have the capability) have very poor handling on such kinds of input, let alone being a highly modified engine.

Simply put, your feeling is opinionated and I’m trying to talk in layman’s terms to you. Feel free to find a more palatable explanation to your problem.