Joining ongoing pub matches

(Violator) #1

This is usually a fairly futile exercise due to the following scenarios / issues:

1) There is no indication how far through a match is so often you will join with 1 second to go on the clock and gain an auto loss (usually a loss as by this point you end up joining the losing team after 1 or 2 of them have ragequit) or rarely an auto-win :).

2) 80-90% of servers which are not full or completely empty are at 13/14 players (i.e. 1 free slot). Invariably the 13 team is being stomped so this leads to another loss for you unless you are uberl33t and have strong arms to carry your team to victory.

For 1) could we have filters on the following:
How long the match has left to go (for SW, how long the 2nd round has left, for Russian Objective Mode how long the match has left).
For SW, whether its on the 1st or 2nd round.
How long the match has been running for.

To help 2) could we show in the server list in addition to the above:
Average XP of each team.

Have a ‘lobby’ filter. These are really the only matches worth joining.

(ASD) #2

yes this is a issue… also only smal but still the same…