Join the RAD Soldiers IRC Channel

(badman) #1

Fancy chatting with other RAD Soldiers players and members of the dev team? [em]In real-time?[/em] If so, join us in the #radsoldiers IRC chat channel.

To join the channel, follow these steps:

  • Install your IRC client of choice (such as[/li][li] Connect to[/li][li]Once there, paste the following line into the console:
    /join #radsoldiers

And you’re there! If you don’t fancy installing a client, you can also use QuakeNet’s web-based IRC program at

We hope to see you there! :stroggtapir:

(ChaosPinhead) #2

We definately need more participation in IRC. I’m guessing a lot of people just don’t know how to use it or don’t have an app for it on their idevices. So I made this quick picture on how to set it up for everyone.
The APP is called TurboIRC and it’s free and has a great clean interface.
Get it HERE

Open Turbo IRC

[li]Tap Connect
[/li][li]Tap QuakeNet
[/li][li]Tap Edit
[/li][li]Fill in Username (your game username)
[/li][li]Fill in Startup Commands “/join #radsoldiers
[/li][li]Tap Save
[/li][li]Tap QuakeNet
[/li][li]Tap Connect
See you in there!

(Crozzton) #3

No can do. Can’t get it to iPhone
Can’t get it working at least

(Dumarks) #4

I was able to join. Thanks for the info Chaos. :slight_smile:

(Crozzton) #5

I am so old and grey I didn’t read the part with free ap for I devices. I’ll give another go

(ChaosPinhead) #6

If anything is unclear feel free to ask. This app makes it pretty straight forward.

(Crozzton) #7

Aye got it now.

(Crozzton) #8

No one seems to answer back in there. How do I keep it open so I can see chats when I return?

(ChaosPinhead) #9

if your on your phone you can’t unless you leave it open. Once minimized it only stays active for about 5-10 minutes before it logs out, most likely to save battery.

Those of us always in there are logged in on PC :slight_smile:

(Crozzton) #10

Ah. Well can’t have my cant have my pc with me :slight_smile:
Can use it during active games then

(Catnadian) #11

Am I missing out on a busy channel? I hopped in a few times but both times I forgot that putting the computer to sleep timed out the session.

(Bwade) #12

Palringo is much easier

(Domm) #13

Is there any action on the IRC?

I use KAKAO (chatt-app for smartphone) for communication in other games.
Its free, anonymous, easy, fast, reliable bla bla bla :wink:

Search for my usernamne, Domm.
(Scandinavians is extra welcome, easier and faster to type on native language, Im Swedish…)

(khenkhen) #14

I’ll try. I’ll be joining with this channel…