Jerry-Rigs and PixelBot

(Jerry-Rigs) #1

Hey PixelBot,
I don’t remember your style so I’ll start with a few universal tips.

  1. Only kills count. Wounding is almost worthless.
    If you have over extended to deal a massive amount of damage but not killed anything, you have probably left a toon hanging in danger. A wounded toon does as much damage as a healthy toon. Who has the advantage: Dave at 200 points and an AR or 3 Daves at 2 points each with AR’s and its their turn?

  2. Don’t over extend. A toon alone is a dead toon. (Toon’s are the soldiers).
    In the current game, Dave is looking kinda lonely. I’m also spread thin though.

(Pixelbot) #2

Ok, so if I haven’t don’t put out enough damage to kill one guy I instead reposition them into cover, right?

(Jerry-Rigs) #3

I kinda over empathize killing over wounding. Even wounding is good but…
Concentrating your toons onto one target is better than spreading them around.
When playing against a squad with a medic, wounding may just be temporary. Don’t use your specials (arty, grenade, etc) if the medic is going to undo it before you can capitalize on it.

Keeping your toons in cover is -very- important but not all cover is good cover. The strength of arty (Captain’s artillery), Dave’s grenade, and Gus’ squirt is not the damage they cause, it’s the fact that they can move a toon (enemy or friendly) into a better position. A green cover with open space left and right is a death trap. You get moved and all of a sudden you are open to direct fire.

As an example I just moved you out of cover using arty then moved you into fryer range with a grenade. This was a horrible move on my part because I used 2 specials and although I hurt Dave a lot, he can heal up before I can get a kill. Also, I left myself exposed and I have no medic.

Having no medic means that all damage counts (unless there the captain uses a medical crate (a limited resource)) so doing a little damage here and there adds up.

(Pixelbot) #4

So how should have you approached the situation in the current game?

(Jerry-Rigs) #5

If I wasn’t into the object lesson, I would have dropped Madame’s UAV behind the truck and then backed off a little to see what you did. The UAV cannot be moved by bombs or squirts (but it can move toons when it blows up). Since you seemed aggressive, I would have let you come to me, probably taken a grenade but it would have not killed me. Then collapsed on whoever I could from 3 sides.

With what did happen, Dave ran away without doing any damage to get healed. The problem though is that arty has the longest range on the map and there are some odd oblique angles that long shots can squeeze into. The fryer is the longest direct fire weapon on the map. It benefits from the same odd angles. Anyway, I got lucky to take out your Dave before he used his grenade.

You can see where an enemy can shoot by tapping it. You can get an idea of where an enemy might be able to shoot by moving your capt there and seeing what he can hit with arty.You can also use your arty/squirt/bombs to move an enemy around by a square or 2 to see where else they might be able to shoot (then be sure to undo afterwards).

The grenade is one of the most useful specials available. As direct fire, it is very powerful. As AOA (area of affect), it has good area and does a lot of damage to a group. As a mover, it is the only thing to move toons that are 2 squares away instead of one. It can also be used in some weird corner shots, kinda like a Knight’s move. Some players use Dave with fists just as a disposable launcher the grenade. Some players will run an all Dave clone squad that -can- be really effective if used well or worthless if not used well.

I moved my Dave into your flank to worry you and deny you cover. He can’t stand by himself, so if you threaten him, he will back/run away. If you really pressed, you might dislodge him with some arty or a squirt on the other side of the fence but I doubt you have a follow up shot.

You Gus is tough with the spray & pray (S&P) (arguably the best weapon for medics) but if he takes damage, it’s real (no healing) so its tough to think of him as an assault troop but if he does get in close, he gets a boat load of shots with the S&P.

(Jerry-Rigs) #6

OK, this is only an example and not even a good one
Move your captain so he can drop arty on my UAV and then drop arty on my UAV.
That will move my Madam away from the yellow cover so your Gus can get a better shot at her.
Move Gus and then shot at her.

Undo all your moves and try shooting Madam without moving her and see the difference.

(Pixelbot) #7

Ok, I’m seeing the difference that knock back can cause, even if it wasn’t a big difference in damage.

(Jerry-Rigs) #8

Well, it was kinda of a contrived case. So for another contrived case, use Gus’s squirt on my UAV. That will move your capt out and allow an extra shot on my dave. Yes, it causes you damage but sometimes that extra shot is all it takes and you can heal up if you survive.