Javelin for Obsidian


Javelin is a Famous merc and i think it is more used than proxy…I would really like to have a Obsidian for it.
PS: Im saving money to buy it, hoping she will come some day
Speak if you support the view

(DarkangelUK) #2

There’s far more popular and less controversial mercs in the roster that more people would like an Obsidian for before Javeline, Sparks and Nader are 2 that come to mind.

(cFn) #3

And Redeye! Lets not forget Redeye!

Technically Nader has one already but probably a operatives one.

I do agree on Sparks but I want redeye dammit! He needs love!

(ASD) #4

Redeye is smoking to much :stuck_out_tongue: dont give him something he only sell it to buy weed :stuck_out_tongue:


Javelin more popular than proxy? What game are you playing lol?
Javelin is a pretty common pick, but proxy has been around a lot longer. Her mains have built up a lot of strategies with her and gotten used to using them over years, whereas Javelin has only been out for a short while, and was then drastically changed a while after release.

Better to choose someone more “classic” to DB. Vassili, Fragger, Nader and Kira are all better picks

(Your worst knifemare.) #6

I’d rather see one for Sparps, Kira, Thunder.

They’ve all been around a while but none of them has received anything special the entire time with the exception of Sparps trinket.

(HadronZodiac) #7

Especially with her 90 damage 4m explosion 8 second cooldown nades, bringing BS to ANY party!

(Meerkats) #8

Javelin already has a P2W, ultra-Xclusive, ultra-luX super special edition. If you didn’t get it, too bad, so sad I guess.

Position (4, 2).

I should update that one day.

(Mc1412013) #9

Inwould love to have an obsidian for every merc. But since development and dev comunication has aparently come to a halt there is almost no chance of any new cards/fixes/events ect gonna ever happen.

I do remember shoe saying tgey had more obsidians ready but with no devs on the db team other than server admins i doubt we will ever see them

(ThePigVomit) #10

Skudaddy, aura, and prox Obsidians came out subsequent to that info drop.

(Ptiloui) #11

Funny enough, I have the 3 same loadouts with the 3 same skins for Javelin but the other way around : I have the B45 in cobalt, the D81 in Ghostclip, and the SM41 in Nuclear Winter :smiley:

(HadronZodiac) #12

You even got a good loadout for it, darn u


How long before you played the game…we already have a Obsidian for Proxy!