Javelin Ammo and General reload glitches

(klyxes) #1

So Javelin’s self-supply ability has a ~10 second cool down which upon ending gives her ammo, correct? However once those 10 seconds are up, i spend another 10-20 seconds waiting for the ability to actually give me ammo. This severely limits how long i can stay fighting without going to an ammo box which shouldn’t even be necessary for a fire support mercenary.

Reload glitches:
Shotguns go through reload animation without loading unless i stop and start again, at least for ahnuhld and hollunds. Very rare now, though i’m sure i read that it should’ve been patched. What isn’t rare however is if i use up all the bullets in my primary weapon’s magazine there’s a high chance that upon finishing the animation i can’t shoot for ~2-4 seconds unless i switch weapons. this glitch has occurred most frequently (at least in memory) in the Hochfir and the Shar-c, either because it only happens to those two weapons or those are the ones i most frequently empty the magazine completely.