Jäger (Fire support concept)

(HadronZodiac) #1

Jager quote “Sometimes you just need a really big bomb for a really big problem”

Health - 110
Speed - Whatever a 120hp merc speed is

Primaries - SHARC / Timik / M4A1
Secondaries - M9 / DE50 / Aerverov
Melees - Kukri / Beckhill / Cricket Bat

Primary Ability - Construct Nuke
Designate Time - 1 second
ProjectileDeliverDelay - 4 seconds
Type - Projectile /// Airsupport
Cooldown - 1:00 minute
Damage - 1250 Objective damage (go ahead and translate that to human damage idk)
Blast Radius - 12m
Guardian Neutralize EXP - 750exp

A large light beam shows where the projectile will be dropped


Seems like just a nerfed version of skyhammer tbh.
I mean, skyhammer’s airstrike takes about the same amount of time to show up, but his designator also blows up and can be used as an indoor grenade.
Not sure how much damage the airstrike itself does, but it’s able to completely one-shot the EV and every merc so for our purposes anything over 1,200 damage (the EV’s health) doesn’t actually matter.

So essentially it’s just a more compact airstrike with a more obvious designator. Maybe with a secondary ability it would work, but tbh we already have a lot of EV-damaging abilities, which makes it a pain to attack sometimes.

I wouldn’t mind it as a sort of outdoor area denial ability though. Maybe reduce the cooldown to below 30 seconds or something, completely remove the objective damage and expand the range and the “light beam” to show the whole area where it’s about to hit. Then after a couple seconds, everything in that area gets killed in a quick flash, sorta like kira’s laser but much larger and only there for a second or whatever. At least then it’s more unique than just another explosive. Might also wanna give him another ability, ammo pack would work but something different would also help set him apart

(HadronZodiac) #3

I was thinking of a sort of concept like that, kind of like a “biochemical pulse” that only did human (and deployable) damage, ill reconsider the merc

I completely forgot to give him an ammo ability XD

(Muddy Muddy Mud Nade) #4

Give him an ACOG and we’re good.

(Your worst knifemare.) #5

“You can stop worrying about EV’s now”