Jackal's Eve Event - Your Feedback

(Chris Mullins) #1

Hey all,

Thank you all for your feedback on our Halloween event, Jackal’s Eve.

We’re currently reviewing the event and we’ll update you on any updates coming to it later today.


(calysto1395) #2

I love Halloween thing which is why this event hurts so much. The prices are way to high, I’d have to grind 40+ hours or pay 10 bucks to get a skin that I cant choose the loadout or the merc for. I’m a student. I have a life outside of gaming even though it’s a huge part. But I can’t spend all this time or money on this game for cosmetics and have no control over.

There is nothing else to get with the event currency like trinkets we had in other events. Usually the Equipment cases were replaced by the Event cases or cost like 300~ Event Credits now that price is double for 2% possibility of - again - a random loadout and merc.

I get you guys need to make money but I rather spend money when I have the choice to do it because I want to because it supports a good cause like the Humble Bundle or because there is cool content like the Obsidian skins (although the Loadouts there are garbage usually) or the trinkets that give boosters and the kill icons.

I feel forced to spend money on this event or get nothing and honestly I’d rather stop playing because this isn’t fun. I grinded my way to the snowman back in the first Dickens Event and got so sick of the game I didn’t play for weeks after it was over. This shouldn’t be your goal here.