It's still possible to create stationary bots in DB

(Calisharp) #1

I have a video made showing how it’s done in-game, but can’t link it in this post.

As the title states - it’s still possible to create stationary bots in DB, albeit not nearly as useful as before the removal of the set/get console commands. The bots have no health and can’t move. This method only works for the map Castle, no other map will work that I’ve tested it on.

Step 1. Open console, type switchlevel obj_castle

Step 2. Choose one of the 3 Mercs and spawn in

Step 3. Move to wherever you’d like a bot to stand

Step 4. Open console, type switchlevel <any random letters/word here>

If you want to switch to another Merc simply press your suicide key, select the other Merc and spawn in. If you let the spawn timer count down to respawn, then you’ll notice that you didn’t actually change Mercs, and now you’re stuck with the previous Merc and your movement is all messed up, panic not!

Open your console and repeat Step 4. You’ll now spawn in with your newly chosen Merc. If you go back to where you were last, you’ll see the previous Merc lying on the ground as if they’re ready to be gibbed.

There’s an even MORE useless method of spawning in a stationary bot. Proceed with steps 1, 2, and 3. Now open your console and type “mergemesh” without the quotations. There should be a totally useless blue figure hovering somewhere around you.