It should be possible to call votes to forfeit the match


If there’s a huge stomp going on, I find that a lot of the time most players don’t have much fun with the game. It should be possible to call a vote to forfeit the match so that things can roll a lot more quickly.

The community in this game isn’t going to be abusive of that tool as far as I can tell. Unless someone found a danger/risk that I overlooked.

What do you guys think of this idea?

(eggplantSafe) #2

I think it already exists in the ranked (surrendered a long time ago in preranked once), so probably could be readded to normal game modes. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Dr_Plantboss) #3

I think that before anyone decides to even think about implementing this, we need to at least try casual matchmaking.

(LifeupOmega) #4

It exists already, in ranked, which everyone should have been playing in the first place.

(DirtyDav) #5

Well…they’re not :stuck_out_tongue: I see no reason not to add it to pubs.