Is this cheating?

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Its been pointed out, if you’re not going to grasp it now then i dont think you will. Clearly this isn’t going anywhere so you do you and i’ll do me, the outcome is the same regardless :slight_smile:

(bgyoshi) #23

…what the… no it hasn’t EAC was literally never pointed out until you did it lmao damn

You keep making stuff up and I’ll keep reading what’s actually posted, I agree. The outcome is the same

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I can’t believe i need to explain this, but that answer relates directly to OP’s question… that’s called “context” just let it sink in then realise that the answer given in the context of OP’s question doesnt somehow magically make hacks, bots, scripts ok…

and yes EAC detects modifications to game memory or code, hence “should be fine”

(bgyoshi) #25

This is a literally dumb argument.

Maisy never mentioned EAC. Yes, the way that EAC functions was mentioned, but the OP never spelled the acronym “EAC”, never asked about “the automatic anti cheating system”, and Maisy never mentioned it.

That’s not called “context”, that’s called “implication”, as I’ve said a million times. You’re extrapolating an indirect subject from a direct statement. The “context” of the post, the framework of it from the start, was about something that might be considered cheating. Not something that the automatic anti cheating system would detect, not something about how EAC works and how it pertains to this post, not something about what EAC considers cheating or not.

OP: “Is this considered cheating.”
Maisy: “No, for these reasons.”
Another person: “For those reasons? Those reasons make these other definitely cheaty things not be cheating, though.”
You: “I’m confused how did you jump like that??? We’re talking about EAC???”

Just stop my man, you’re being silly and intentionally obtuse now.

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Your last broken down ‘conversation’ is the literal embodiment if my point… CONTEXT! No those other things not doing that doesn’t make them not cheaty because of context! How is this difficult to understand for you? You literally spelled out your own lack of thinking and still missed it, are you playing a joke on me right now? This is getting ridiculous. To reiterate because apparently the point is completely lost on you… the reply DIRECTLY TO OP’S QUESTION AND SCENARIO doesn’t automatically apply to every other suspect action that fits into the pigeon holes create in the original post, it was a direct response to the OP’s specific scenario and question, ergo, A CONTEXTUAL REPLY. You’re doing some magical mental gymnastics to make it apply to everything.


I think this topic has probably run its course. I never for a moment considered that the meaning behind my words would evolve into a philosophical debate.

Maisy’s Non-Exhaustive Definition of Cheating:

Making unauthorised modifications to the game files or game memory space, or using unauthorised tools to obtain an unfair advantage in an online shooter.

If you’re worried whether Easy Anti Cheat might ban you for using something, then it’s probably not worth the risk. If it’s some software that came with your keyboard, it’s probably alright, but check with EAC support just in case.

Not sure how much clearer I can make it, really. :confused: