Is self revive useless?

(SatanicUnicorn) #1

On paper, self revive is an amazing ability, I mean it’s a second life right?

Yet in reality, everybody knows Phoenix has this ability, and will ALWAYS keep from reviving himself.
I’ve had times where people would sprint through my team just to finish me off, it’s insane.
From the moment Phoenix starts his revive, if someone were to start shooting him, he would be finished in a second.
I just find myself respawning anyways. kind of a habbit since I know I’m gonna get finished one way or another.

Sometimes I’ll sit by a phoenix’s body and wait for him to self-revive, just so I can knife him and have him waste his ability.

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(DarkangelUK) #2

It’s a highly situational ability and needs the right situation to pull off, but i wouldn’t call it useless at all. I also have no sympathy for players that try to use it when the enemy is standing over their body, it’s an additional ability on top of what other medics have so it doesn’t bother me that maybe 1 in 10 self revives are successful. using it every single time you get downed will give you that 1 in 10 success rate, using it when the situation is right means you’ll get a lot more success with it… just because its ready to use, doesnt mean you should use it.


It’s definitely not useless. It basically means that you can’t die behind cover at range. Think of the MG nest in bridge or vault for example, if someone snipes you, the railing will prevent them from finishing you off and allow you to revive yourself.
It also means enemies have to waste time going out of their way to finish you. If you die fighting next to a teammate, that enemy has to worry about finishing you before you can revive yourself, rather than focusing on your teammate. And as you said, someone sprinting through your team just to finish you puts them in danger. It can be great at stressing out an enemy team

It’s not meant to be his main ability. Realistically a good player won’t even use it much, it’s just an added bonus, sorta like Nader’s Martyrdom or Guardian’s Guardian Angel thing. You have to know when to use it, obviously it isn’t going to work when someone is standing over you melee weapon in hand, but in other situations it can help a lot

(K1X455) #4

In the pro-league, it’s next to useless.

In all the places where SD can apply RNG, they didn’t do it here.

(fubar) #5

Exact opposite.

It forces you to gib when otherwise you wouldn’t have to (same applies to Sparks and Guardian but on a much bigger and worse game impacting scale) instead of focusing the next target.
A good phoenix will generally try to abuse his environment too when close to dying, head glitching behind a MG or dying around a corner so that you’re forced out of position to try to gib, if even able to, creates an immense pressure.
Just because 99% of the time the self-revive doesn’t go off, doesn’t make it useless.

(K1X455) #6

Not with the current 1.0 release

This one still happens…

(DarkangelUK) #7

Apply RNG to self revive? What? o_O

(K1X455) #8

the timing… so it doesn’t become predictable and the player that kills Phoenix need to commit in gibbing him.

(RectalTerror) #9

I always do, and obviously for the exact reason that you can revive yourself.

But hey, it’s still an advantage to force us from going through your team to finish you & quite possibly die doing so.

But isn’t he invincible for a short time while reviving himself?

(DarkangelUK) #10

Not during, he can still be finished off on the way up, there’s only invul if he gets the full revive off.

(henki000) #11

Just like STARRYSOCK said.
Stairs are other great place to figh with Phoenix. When you get downed and slide stairs, it gives you extra time to self revive and your team. And there are bugged stairs too, where you cant shoot in certain angles (dont know, if they are fixed yet). Those “levitation” bugs are also great, when you levitate on air and dodge gibbing.

Only gib or spawning should be counted as a kill. Because reviving is most important role.

(Mc1412013) #12

Its super usefull in execution long as you dont become double dead

(HadronZodiac) #13

From a LOT of expierence, I can say its a bit situational but still pretty great. The main thing with phoenix is you shouldn’t be rushing to the point where people can focus your corpse. Phoenix is still a medic after all, and should stay with his team (mainly so they can distract the enemy as you reanimate). The self revive is pretty good against snipers (in groups) and stray fire, explosives, etc.

(kopyright) #14

Getting behind a turret also works great, as the floor around it is usually shielded from the other side. Means your team will be missing one medic, though.

(Meerkats) #15

Oof. I got some bad news for you buddy.

(PariahDog) #16

Multiple pieces of bad news. For starters, he’s not Latino (from Latin America) hes Spanish (from Spain)

But back on topic the ability is fairly niche. Players that know the game well enough WILL make sure to finish you off. There are times when you might go down and someone drops your attacker before they finish you or you go down behind a piece of cover and they would have to charge you quickly to make sure you stay down. But even with players that make sure you stay dead just the fact that it exists forces you make sure you gib him because otherwise he can stand back up while you’re fighting his friends unlike others where you can see the medic break off to go for the revive.

(HadronZodiac) #17

Hispanic actually

(Xenithos) #18

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(kopyright) #19

Given the amount of damage it sometimes takes to actually finish somebody you might be able to get up before that happens, though. :wink:

(HadronZodiac) #20

Legit. For everyone who didnt understand his essay

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