Is it possible to release source code?

(henki000) #1


I know it’s only small portion of people who like to see Dirty Bomb mods. I think, I don’t have enough knowledge to create first-rate mods myself anyway. But it doesn’t mean that people could try and see. Then you should share that software you use to host Dirty Bomb servers. I know Unreal Engine is not “open source”, but you can still just announce that your code is open and community is free to do with it anything we like. Enough time has passed. Perhaps now is time to hand Dirty Bomb to community?


(Mc1412013) #2

They already said no because they dont own the rights to distribute certain parts of the game

(henki000) #3

Yes, they said no. But it was last year. It’s never too late to deal with company who own those rights. And what are those certain parts that cannot be shared?

(ThePigVomit) #4

in part it’s related to the tools used in the UI, IIRC. they aren’t open source and non-transferrable.

(henki000) #5

We don’t need fancy UI, if we could just launch /connect in terminal.

(Press E) #6

SD used some other party’s fancy tools for the UI and it’s still laggy af??

(Jl001) #7

These tools that are mentioned: let’s call them 3rd party sources. e.g. Libraries / API / makefiles / MS Visual Studio objects etc…these can be “called” by the game’s own source code.

But I think they can release the codes solely associated with game’s own objects/components as these are SD owned.

I think there will be modders that have experience with these 3rd party sources can come up with something that will benedfit the community.

(Mc1412013) #8

Look sd said no they putna big emphasis on game security and licensing. Devs as far as we have been told have been completely removed from db outside of server operations. U can beg and plead all u want it will never happen an sdk will never be developed.

(Jl001) #9

User unfriendly SD

(Nail) #10

yep, insult the devs, that’ll get your whining heard

(Mc1412013) #11

not like they realy ever listend to us anyway

(Nail) #12

they listened to lots of us, just not everyone

and please learn to spell

(Mc1412013) #13

Oh yeah i forgot about there special vip club they had

(Jl001) #14

Now, not just unfriendly, I begin to think that SD is biased towards some “CLOSED CIRCLE players” in the community :rage:

(ThePigVomit) #15

You got to give priority input…if you bought the $300 founders package…It’s called actionable crowdsourcing.

(Nail) #16

you’d be wrong just like Mc1412013’s spelling

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Why are you such an ass in here to people.

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maybe it’s just fun :clown_face:

(Mc1412013) #19

Just to you

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