Is it common not to get credits after CMM?

(Chronicler) #1

I mostly only play CMM during TAW events since there is no private match function anymore.

But I’ve noticed that sometimes when the game is ending it just says “disconnecting” or crashes.

And I get no credits or as yesterday “shrieks”. Can’t say if I got my exp or not. This has happened a few times.

(Violator) #2

Dunno about ranked (I would assume its the same) but if you (rage)quit a match before it ends (or it crashes) you get no XP for the match.

(Chronicler) #3

Weird, my response in this thread disappeared.

Anyhow, the game ended, and the “disconnecting” screen comes up, then it just stays there and it doesn’t disconnect. Sometimes it just disappears from the screen and main menu is back, and no credits, xp etc for the game is rewarded. Only happens with CMM for me.

(Violator) #4

I’ve had that exact same issue on regular pub servers, and is usually but not always due to a server crash.