iOS: RAD Soldiers and a 1/3 Update!

(Silvanoshi) #1

RAD Soldier’s latest update introduces a whole host of upgrades and additions to ways that you can play one of the iOS’s top tactical titles! The “and a 1/3” update adds a fist full of polish, making your time with the game even more varied and enjoyable than it has ever been!

Let’s get stuck in!

Quick Match
Always enjoyed RAD Soldiers, but wanted your games to last minutes rather than days? Now you can make that happen! Quick Match is a brand new match-making option that reduces the maximum turn time from 48 hours to 15 minutes!
Card Booster Packs contains a Soldier, a Weapon, and another random card. They’re purchasable from the store with Coins or cash. Simple!

To make things easier, Coins earned by playing are now RAD Soldiers’ only currency. All RAD Bux have now been converted to Coins.

To minimise head-scratching, we’ve made the tutorial easier to follow, and included the one thing the world’s been clamouring for: Talkyheaded Smith and Jones!

(Gencay7x) #2

I am playing this game on chrome, but I couldn’t download the update, so I cannot play multiplayer mode. Please help me thanks :slight_smile:

(bigfluffy75) #3

Re: iOS:
I to am playing on chrome and will not update, when would it be able to update for players with chrome?

(g00n) #4

Latest update I cannot download due to not having iOS 7, so with it seems I cannot play at all multiplayer. Bugger. Without chrome multiplayer due to phasing of old technology, this is the end if line for me. I have plenty of life in my old iPod to replace it.
Bye everyone

(paul_yan2) #5

Bro! Uninstall then reload it!:penguin:

(paul_yan2) #6

I can’t find the satellite on Chrome now. But it can be found on handset ! who can tell me why?

(g00n) #7

I can’t find the satellite on Chrome now. But it can be found on handset ! who can tell me why?

Bro! Uninstall then reload it!

I did but cannot access multi because you need IOS 7.0 it wont load on my old ipod

(Beebi_Gun) #8

It’s the end road for me, as well. Even though the problems it gives me, I might install it on my Iphone just to check the update. But I ain’t keeping it. So it’s a goodbye for me also.

(mazer-rackham) #9

There has been a lot of talk about senior players leaving the game because of no multiplayer. They say that this makes the game a one week marathon…heres the thing: Its really about a 48 hour marathon if you don’t intend to buy new maps! I am a 14 year old with no job (obviously) so why would i spend money on this? I beat all free challenges, and loved multiplayer. until we get that back for chrome, here is my suggestion: create a custom match mode where offline, you click the button, pick one of the maps you have, pick your enemies soldiers or have the computer chose them randomly (these soldiers would be all of the ones in the store, and all the weapons), pick your own soldiers, and battle it out. once it is over, you get a reward, thus keeping senior players in the game! In case you worry this would reduce actual real money purchases, make so only one battle per day, or low monetary benefits, or even make it so you have to be a certain level (maybe 30-40) to play that way you would still get purchases and it would keep senior players in! this is the next best thing to multiplayer, and i think others will agree! This game would be great if there were more computer matches, and also please increase the level cap as I have only played for about 3 weeks and I am level 40!

(Nail) #10

impossible to play on Chrome, won’t go fullscreen

(G4S) #11

I always waiting for new updates. This one takes more than half year. I really appreciate the work done. The new update comes with new “options”. 15 min matches starts from 25 seconds to 3 minutes to make a first turn. In online game commercial pages arised. The parachute shelter did not disappear after turnback. This what i notice for the moment. And thank you for 15 % exchange bux rate!

(Silvanoshi) #12

I’ve mentioned this in a few other places on the forum, but I’ll mention it here too. Unfortunately Unity isn’t entirely supported on Chrome’s App Store anymore, making the prospect of most kinds of updates for the Chrome version of the game quite a difficult one. We hope that a fix will come further down the line, and are investigating the possibility of alternatives…but for the time being Chrome is RAD’s home on PC.

@Nail, it sounds like you might be running an old build of the game. If you update it (Chrome should do this, but it can be very slow, reinstalling forces the update), your full screen issue should be addressed.

Glad to hear that you’re enjoying the update G4S. Thanks for the bug report, it’s something that we’re currently investigating!

(Nail) #13

re-install fixed my problems