Introducing OCB!

(Andarne) #1

Hey everybody! I hope you’re all having a great day so far.

I’m posting this here to introduce one of the oldest clans in Splash Damage’s community; OCB. We’ve been around since SD worked on Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, and have been loyal followers of Splash Damage’s multiplayer games since then.

You may remember that we ran several ‘World Cups’ in DB, offering monetary prizes supplied from our own pockets. But we’ve made our presence known across Dirty Bomb since its 2015 Beta release.

We’re saddened that DB’s development has come to an end, but we still have many members who still love and play the game.

We’re continually evolving and always looking for new people to spend ‘gaming time’ with. Whether it be in Dirty Bomb, Black Ops 4, Planetside 2 or any other online multiplayer game - with members all across the globe you can be assured there’s somebody to play with!

Our one and only rule is easy to remember; “Don’t be a dick!”.

Interested? Hop onto our Discord to chat, join a few games, and get the latest news about our clan!