Introducing Maisy! Hi!


I thought I’d be the first one to give the “New Recruits” channel a try. So, uh, hi!

As you might have noticed from my strange orange glow, I’m an SD guy. You might have spotted me lurking around the Dirty Bomb Discord, but just in case you haven’t, I thought I’d come and introduce myself here.

I’m a DevOps Engineer and I do all sorts of exciting things with online services, including this very forum!

Here’s a few more things about me:

  • I played Dirty Bomb before I joined Splash Damage. I enjoyed it then and I still enjoy it now!
  • I also play Overwatch - at least one person has already spotted me in the wild.
  • @Doughball is my desk neighbour.
  • I like the Stargate franchise. Atlantis > SG-1.
  • Rainbow Dash is best pony.

If you’ve got any other questions that hopefully aren’t a little too personal, ask them and I’ll see what I can do!

(Mustang) #2


Also hi. :balloon:

(DarkangelUK) #3

I think I’m in the minority in the SG fanworld where I really liked SG:U!


I didn’t think it was that bad! The first 10 episodes were a bit slow, but it really picked up after that.

(Tech Director) #5

SG1 > All of them.

Also, SG:U went too soon. It was just getting great at the end.

(rookie1) #6

Congratz for the forum well done…wish i can see what im typing as my
Kb box of my mobile push the reply box up off screen.until i get to this line …then i start to see what i’m writing.I hope you follow Joe Mallozi on Twitter ref SGA.He also is the producer of Dark Matter (real good SciFi)
Well don’t have much to say for now coz waiting for something new from SD to play …well I hope ;)cya

(Doughball) #7


(Kirays) #8

Bless you for introducing octopus. :octopus:

(Xenithos) #9

Welcome fellow recruit to Star Command, if you will please submit to scanning we will outfit your destroyer with a lightsaber shortly. If you run into any issues with stargate’s HPGs then the nearest Timelord can be contacted with a towel.

Thanks, RSI.~

DevOps are cool, glad DB has one to unify it’s different softwares. I’ll be asking you a fair few questions about forum integration in the old vs new forum poll thing. See you around Maisy, pleasure to have you!