INTEGRITY VIOLATION - Unknown File Version - Aimee/Underground insta crash;

(Melphe) #1

Hello there!

Ever since I bought Aimee, she’s been made absolutely unplayable.

A couple of minutes into a new game, and the game starts freezing; at times, it’ll completely lock the window and remain frozen (even the sound effects end up ‘stuck’ in a loop) until I log off the system.

This is even worse on Vault and Underground maps; it’ll freeze even faster.

I can play normally with most chars, but this only happens when trying to play Aimee, and I don’t know anymore what to do. This is the message that shows up, when the game actually manages to crash instead of simply perma freezing.


What can I do to be able to play?

(Mc1412013) #2

Thats what u get for playing a useless sniper :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

No seriously go into steam and verify the game if that dont work goi into the db folder and there should be an east anti cheat folder open that and reinstal e.a.c.

If that dont work uninstall game then in windows do a file search for shootergame a d delete those files then reinstall d.b

(Melphe) #3

Thanks! :stuck_out_tongue: Thankfully, for now, verifying worked! Hopefully it stays that way