Inoperative mouse 1 button

(henki000) #1


Sometimes, almost every full match of SW. I cant shoot with my primary weapon for few seconds. It can happen in middle of gun fight, or out of nowhere. Mouse 1 button does not respond. Gun stops firing, but same time my other keys work. I can strafe, aim, use mouse 2-5. So, first I thought it might be my mouse driver, as they were not updated. But then I noticed, this does not occur with other games I play. I played some more DB, to investigate. Noticed when swapping to secondary weapon, it works again. This is frustrating, as you cant realiably use primary weapons. First symptoms occured 3-4 months ago, but I didnt give message, because of my doubts of broken mouse. I hope you can fix this.

I have Steelseries Rival 100


(NLxDoDge) #2

I have presicely the same issue.

I can most of the time shoot, but not every time. I don’t know what is causing this. So I am going to reset my config file and re-install dirty bomb. To start with.

(K1X455) #3

how old is your mouse?

(henki000) #4

1 year old. Next thing I will do is what @NLxDoDge said. Did it solve this issue? I dont have custom config, so it’s not in read only. It will update when game gets updated?

(NLxDoDge) #5

Config did nothing. But a re-install fix the issue @henki000 @K1X455

(henki000) #6

Seems to work fine now, thanks @NLxDoDge

(henki000) #7

Hmm. Mouse bug started again. Out of nowhere. Is there a permanent solution?

(henki000) #8

I did re-install again. But after 1 gaming session, this problem started again. I’m going to send ticket.