Infinite Reload

(Cordyceps) #1

Lately, I’ve been experiencing a bug with the Ahnuld 12 and Remburg. When I go to reload, the reload animation will lopp, but the gun does not actually reload. The animation continues until I try to use the gun. I don’t know if this happens with all shotguns though, as I haven’t used the Hollunds 880 for a while now.

(supersonic_ht) #2

Same here, randomly occurring since I started playing last year. I can confirm it happens with the Hollunds as well.

(Rodolfosaurio) #3

This happens to me using the Hollunds.

(henki000) #4

I havent seen infinite reload, but certainly it loaded too many bullets to my Hollunds. That moment when you load 20-30 shots to hollunds, but you had only 1 bullet in your inventory. It didnt conjure extra bullets.

(HadronZodiac) #5

@Rodolfosaurio said:
This happens to me using the Hollunds.