Indie Royale Bundles

(SockDog) #1

Looks like the Southern Hemisphere wants it’s own indie bundle and so it is born, the Indie Royale Bundle! A joint venture between and Desura.

“Oh great another Humble Bundle, meh!”, you say.

Well yes, this is more indie games but that’s not so bad. The games are also available in similar forms to the humble bundles (direct download, desura and steam) and if there are multiplatform versions available they’re there for the grabbing too. The difference is the pricing, this isn’t pay what you want, it’s more community governed. Pay the minimum price and that price will gradually increase for future purchasers, pay more than the minimum and you reduce the price a little. It’s an interesting experiment if nothing else and does stop those dick head $0.01 purchasers. Anyway for the lazy people here are the games. More bundles are dated to be released every 14 days. I’ve spoilered a link to a reddit post that lists some of the upcoming games, you’d be best served to keep checking back because some of them are going to be well worth a purchase.

A.R.E.S. - Side scrolling shoot-explore-m-up. Not bad, entertaining. I thought it could do with being a bit higher res.

Gemini Rue - Adventure, looks alright but I’ve not played it. Just released today on steam and is 15% off at $8.49

Sanctum - Really neat twist on tower defense as you run around in first person putting down towers and taking on the enemies with your own upgraded arsenal. Also has co-op.

Nimbus - Says it’s a puzzle/racer. I know it looks pretty interesting and it’s been in my wishlist for a while so what the hell. :slight_smile:

Reveal Upcoming Games

(Dormamu) #2

Good find, more indie please :tongue:

(tokamak) #3

I’m beta testing Unstoppable Gorg now. Still has a long way to go but I hope it will be successful.

(crazyfoolish) #4

Well I haven’t reared my ugly head around here for a while.

I am a little way into Gemini Rue at the moment. It is really good and the atmosphere is excellent. I think these will be a regular purchase for me.

(jazevec) #5

Meanwhile at Humble Indie Bundle…

you can pay anything you want to get Voxatron (Alpha). In this case you will get access to all future updates.

The level editor is already working, enemy editor should become available soon. You can already download dozens of user-made levels ingame. Windows, Mac, Linux versions available.

Additionally, if you pay more than the average (currently $4.22) you also get Binding of Isaac and Blocks that Matter.

(SockDog) #6

I’m usually rather stingy on my Humble Bundles and drop only $5 (hey I often own half the games already!) Yet Voxatron has been on my radar for a while now and in the excitement an extra $2.50 left from my virtual wallet as I paid $7.50 for access. The game looks unique and you can’t help but feel it calling out for a full on Gauntlet multiplayer mode and a bigger Zelda-esque adventure. My only criticism is the draw distance seems a little limited, I hope this becomes an option as the game matures.

As for the Binding of Isaac, I have to say I’ve put double digit hours into the $5 flash game and I’m still coming back for more. Gameplay is simplistic, games are random, WTF! moments are plentiful. There may have been more popular and accepted bundles released so far but for $5 or more this is incredible value rated in days of play not hours.

Anyone played Blocks that Matter?

(jazevec) #7

I bought before the “more than average” bonus was added. But I don’t care that much. Blocks might look interesting, but - for me - Binding of Isaac is vaguely disgusting. Pretentious theme, lots of crying, sounds like from a butcherhouse, art direction I don’t really like.

Here’s the trailer for Blocks that Matter:

(SockDog) #8

Ed has always had that style, he’s been posting a look of his prior work on twitter and he’s certainly not making games like Meat Boy and Isaac to court the outrage vote. I can understand being turned off by it but the theme and graphics do add then sense of polish to the game, it’s like the underlying unfairness the random rooms and power ups bring is nothing compared to the suffering of the main character. At it’s core though it’s a great game too and it shouldn’t be written off as gore porn because it is far from that.

(jazevec) #9

Back to original topic:
I would really buy some of the Indie Royale games. Nimbus looks particularly fun. Unfortunately, none of them seem to run on Linux. What’s nice about HIB - all games work on Windows, Mac, Linux.

(SockDog) #10

I don’t believe the first Humble Bundle had all Linux compatible games at launch. Personally I’d rather have new and good games in these bundles than just something which is multiplatform. End of the day you’re dropping $5ish on the bundle when/if linux compatibility comes you’ll be able to download them I’m sure.