Increased Objective Servers and Matchmaking Update

(MissMurder) #1

Hey guys, we’ve received a ton of awesome feedback from all of the testers so far, and we’re already working to incorporate elements into the next update. In the meantime, we’ve had quite a few people asking about the possibility of having smaller objective servers, so we’ve popped some 6v6 as well as 7v7 OBJ servers online, let us know what you think!

As mentioned when the Steam CB started, Matchmaking is something that we may bring online and offline as needed. We’ve taken matchmaking (and the accompanying party system) offline for the time being. Use the server browser to jump into 6v6, 7v7 and 8v8 Objective matches to your heart’s content, or maybe some 6v6 Stopwatch if you’re looking for something a little more competitive!

(The99thProblem) #2

That’s great! Now I wont have to worry as much about getting killed trying to snipe with a combat rifle!

(cr0w_69) #3

Hey MissMurder! I’ve been waiting for a BETA key FOREVER :confused: Wondering if maybe you could send me a key so i can help with the beta testing? I’m running Windows 10, so I thought maybe i could help with Windows 10 compatibility

(Mustang) #4

Don’t think it’s working with Windows 10 yet, and as it’s not released it’s not being actively fixed.

(nudels) #5

It does not work on win10 beta, I did not get it to work and neither any one else who have tried that I know of. So if you want to play DB,win10 is not a good OP option…

(MissMurder) #6

Yep it is not available for Windows 10 at this time.