Incorrect cooldown bugs?

(HadronZodiac) #1

So while playing 1.0 DB, ive noticed some abilities bug out with their cooldowns. This includes airstrike designator getting full cooldown even tho its under a roof, or concussion grenade getting a cooldown of 20 seconds

lol i cant find the one for skyhammer

(XsnipergirlX) #2

Not a bug. They increased Thunder cooldown to 20 seconds.

(Meetrock) #3

There is now an official bug thread, if you want your report to reach the devs, make sure to reply to the thread with the correct format.

Also, regarding the artillery designator, it’s not really A “bug”, but rather a design flaw. The designator doesn’t work indoors as we know, but in certain spots indoors, it’ll work because the models aren’t working correctly (the game thinks there is no roof I think). Try it with skyhammer in castle, in the third objective, go to corridor to the left that takes directly to the bomb site, throw your airstrike marker there and it will trigger an airstrike that you can clearly hear.

(HadronZodiac) #4

wait what? oh nvm its sd, expecting balance is like expecting words from a pig