Inconsistent scale or view point offset in pre- and post-game lineups

(DB Genome editor) #1

I can’t say if this is really a bug or an unexpected design choice, but something has been nagging at me since day one regarding the merc lineups before (each player’s squad composition) and after (awards) CMM and Ranked games, and it finally dawned on me: the merc models are not scaled the same way. Now obviously some positions in these lineups are meant to be closer to the view point (numbered from closest to farthest):

But this is not what I mean. For a given position in these lineups, some mercs appear to be bigger or closer to the view point than others. In particular, Skyhammer and Guardian always appear larger / nearer than other mercs of similar size, while Thunder and Javelin are smaller / further away. Some examples:

Now I mentioned at the beginning that this could be intentional, possibly to mix up the arrangement of the lineups depending on the mercs shown, make them seem less repetitive. But if it is the case, I think it is a strange choice as it just feels inconsistent. Also, in some cases it causes weird effects, like Skyhammer’s gun poking through or in front of a merc who’s supposed to be ahead of him.

(DB Genome editor) #2

Just caught a case of interfering merc models due to this offset inconsistency:

My timing was a bit off so we only see Sky’s elbow overlapping with Phoenix’s arm, but with the sway animations there is also a moment where Phoenix’s gun goes into Sky’s head…:rolleyes: