In game Push to Talk not working on server

(jemstar) #1

Hi Lovely DB ppl,

On our server in AUS the push to talk is not working for anyone. Happened about 2 days ago and I had same on USA server so didnt think much of it. Though now its working on all servers other than ours. I have restarted the server multiple times and checked the cvars. I don’t know what else to try. Has anyone else experienced this also?

It seemed to happen after our server crashed/self restarted.

Are placing a ticket with i3d also but hoping someone in the community may be able to help!!


(Mc1412013) #2

Check to see of its working in windows sound settings. Its not working for me either as in i hit button and nothing happens. Started same time my mic stopped working.

I think and update fd it up. Ive deleted and reinstalled every driver related to my sound card and only way mic works is if i set it to alwaays listen in windows settings neither windows settings or the sound cards proprietary software settings works

Also im not using the cheap ass onboard realteck sound card built into the mobo. Ive been using soundblaster cards since my 486 days as a kid

(jemstar) #3

Thanks for the advice Mc,

It was server wide, not just me!!

Actually got it fixed by i3d, they have apparently changed the server ip from a single ip to a multiple ip and suspected the voice system was defaulting to the wrong ip.

I’ve observed that voice traffic was not bound to a specific outbound IP.
As the server you are on now is multi-homed (has multiple outbound IPs), my first hunch is that it attempts to communicate through another IP.
I’ve changed the IP of your server to another IP on the host in an attempt to see if there’s any software verification interfering with voice traffic.

So is back to normal now!!