Impossible to launch DB

(El_padre_) #1

I have a problem with DB ,im an old player,i play since 2014-2015 and since 1 year i stopped to play,but today i decides to come back,but it’s impossible for me to play,i explain:
I go on steam & i launch the game,he’s correctly launched & i can hear the main menu game but i have a black screen and i can’t click on something because i just see a black screen
At the last i want to say i have the same computer that i had in 2015 when i was playing ,all my pilot are updated,and i already try ALT+ENTER but no result,already unistall&install DB ,Steam and my windows but no result again and i really want to play so i ask your help please…
Thank’s so much

(Mc1412013) #2

Verify steam fiLes using the option in steam, check that your graphics drivers are up to date.try uninstalling dirty bomb then do a file searchin windows for shootergame an delete the files/folders. Restart pc then reinstall dirty bomb

(El_padre_) #3

I tried what you said to me,now when i launch steam i have a black screen then my computer crash and i have a blue screen with an error message,problem with my CG :confused:

(Mc1412013) #4

If u think its your graphics card dont get another card yet. First as a precaution(should be backing up regularly anyway) though ive done this plenty of times with out issues. back upyour pics/ files ect.

2nd Download the latest display driver for your card and make sure u know where it is.

3rd download ddu

4th unplug ethernet cable/disconect wifi. This will prevent windows from putting there driver on

5th reinstall display driver with the installer you downloaded.

And if that doesnt work i could consider wiping your drives(which will require a back up of data) and trying again with a fresh copy of windows.

You realy should spend the time and rule out driver issues before spending a lot of money on a card to find out it was a driver problem the whole time.

(El_padre_) #5

i go try what you say to me,thank you,i come back if it’s isn’t worked,but all you just say take long time?

(Mc1412013) #6

About 15-30 min for driver.if u need to reinstall windows that could take a few hours depending on your computer and if u need to download windows installer

Oh and ddu works best in safe mode otherwise u need to run it uninstall drivers reboot and run app again

(El_padre_) #7

okay okay thanks so much !
i think i go uninstall windows & reinstall,but i need to save more 600gb so that will take so much time…