If I see Proxy, Guardian, Aimee, Sparks, Kira, Nader and Aura doing this

(K1X455) #1

It’ll drive me nuts…

(Mustang) #2

It’s crazy, model “emotes” are such an obvious sales strategy for a free-to-play game, can’t believe DB still doesn’t have them yet.

(Your worst knifemare.) #3

I’d rather see Rhino doing that.

(Meetrock) #4

Do you realise that most of the mercs actually resemble their voice actors? (Proxy looks a lot like her voice actor). You can check this video

And what makes it more interesting, Katie Lyons sounds the same even when she’s voice acting. Other voice actor show difference in their tones sometimes, or even accents.

Katie also has some nudes somewhere, so imagine proxy :wink: :laughing:

(K1X455) #5

Coming back to this and as reply to @Mustang, the basic TeaBag emote in DB has its origin from HALO…

I wonder if DB will have a market for emotes such as dabbing?

(DarkangelUK) #6

People have been getting teabagged way before Halo, it was done in CS/Unreal/Quake (just before splattering them with gauntlet).

(K1X455) #7

:smiley: Nice to know

@Meetrock Had a look at Katie Lyon’s and she’s a tad more mature than Proxy…

(Meetrock) #8

Yet they sound THE SAME, there is no difference at all, like Katie was just herself when she recorded Proxy’s lines (There is also a singing proxy line).