IE11 on Windows 7 issue

(ronboy) #1

Hello. I’m using IE11 for Windows 7, and I am getting a few problems when making a post or sending a pm.
First of all, the reply box does not seem to recognize some of my keystrokes, which can easily lead to many misspelled words.
Also, the smilies won’t work when I choose one from the list. There is a brief pause, but no smilie appears. I have to manually type the smilie name for the smilie to appear. Also, I seem to have trouble highlighting text inside the reply box with the mouse. Only part of the text gets highlighted, and sometimes it just refuses to highlight at all.
This issue only happens on this forum, and probably also happens on other forums running the same VBulletin version as these forums.
Please fix this if possible. Typing any sort of reply here has become a pain.

(Scarhand) #2

This doesn’t need fixed forum side. You should be using Chrome or Firefox.

Trackbase also runs VBulliten. Can you confirm its related to VBulliten by checking this site too?

(ronboy) #3

I have tried chrome and firefox before, but I didn’t like using them. IE has improved compared to the past versions.
I don’t have an account at trackbase. I have read that VBulletin has had issues with recent IE versions, which is why I assume that it’s VBulletin related.
Interestingly, the quick reply box works fine with smilies, typing, and highlighting. :confused:

(Mustang) #4

Actually it’s most likely CKEditor related, we’re on version 3.6.2 which has a lot of problems with IE10 and up.

(ronboy) #5

That must be the cause then. I hope this is fixed soon, or CK Editor is upgraded to a newer version, if possible.