Idea for two CTF maps

(nUllSkillZ) #1


an idea for two CTF maps using the stock maps (an idea from the past 2003-2010):



Basically half of the maps rotated by 180°.

Probably named “2Gold2Rush” and “2Fuel2Dump”.

Objective for allied and axis:
Steal 2 gold / 2 fuelcans and secure them.

Please tell me if the google drive links don’t work.

(RayBan) #2

null, i also had a similar idea for a goldrush ctf map, but i found it hard to try and figure out a team start point/spawn point and central point… i played with the idea of doing it on goldrush and siwa… but you would need to… at least i thought you would lose a lot of stuff… for goldrush for instance, you need to keep the bridge/overpass and lose the courtyard and bank… that could work… as long as you have at least 2 or 3 mirrored sides to the enemy camp/flag.