Idea for Hunter

(Muddy Muddy Mud Nade) #1

In the recent “Ask the Devs” video, one of the questions was “why does Hunter’s crossbow not have a cooldown?”
I think it could have a cooldown similar to Redeye and Rhino. It would basically have infinite usage like Redeye, but it would have a sort of overheat like Rhino. So if you just continuously spam the shots, it will reach an eventual cooldown, but as soon as the cooldown begins to reverse (like Redeye; don’t know why I can’t think of a word better than “reverse”) you can fire again. Also, using the EMP bolt and actually disabling something will reduce the cooldown on the crossbow.
Think of it like Doomfist’s hand shotgun from Overwatch, if you’ve played that.
Just an idea.

(Sorotia) #2

Problem with that it is leaves him rather vulnerable…

To be honest he is a lot like Sparks, but he doesn’t have the agility and small size profile, lack of healing, and needs to down site to charge up his crossbow.

He is like a Sparks almost none of the utility…to force that on him in his current state would only make him even weaker.

I mean yes, it is annoying sometimes getting killed by lucky spammers…but if you nerfed a already weak merc then you’ll have no one wanting to play him.