I want to convert the bsp to the map and keep giving an error

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hello everything is fine with you, so I’m using a program called q3maptoolz to convert the bsp to the map like for example nfl b2 to have reference to how the map is made and then I make my own maps, only when I want to convert there it is giving error copylump odd lump size in lump 17 why is this happening, please someone help me?

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Have you tried the approach I recommended last time you asked?

If you are running into problems with it, it’s probably because you want to decompile bsp files from other games. Possibly Soldier of Fortune II or other games that use that format but have unique properties that are not understood by the ET Radiant compiler.

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So now I’m trying to use a program called q3map2toolz to convert bsp to the map, I’m using the q3map you gave me, so that instead of converting to the map it converts to the ase, like it does to convert to the map instead of ase?

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The pack contains a bsp-to-map converter and a bsp-to-ase converter. I think you are using the wrong one.
What you want to use is decompile.bat. Right click on it and choose ‘Edit’. The file is opened in a text editor where you can adjust the bsp name (e.g. fueldump.bsp as seen below).
q3map2.exe -convert -format map -map fueldump.bsp -game wolf

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thanks, I managed to convert, now it worked