I Uninstalled Dirty Bomb Tonight:


Initially planned on typing some long, genuine (albeit probably melodramatic) post as a farewell to this game and community, but I’d be kidding myself. This place is practically a graveyard nowadays and there’s no sense in preaching to an empty choir so I’ll keep this short. Most of us loved this game; I know I sure did and I would like to thank the developers for creating this gem and the community for, well, being meat sponges in the game for me to shoot at. I got 100% completion today, left my playing time at a lucky number, and roamed around an empty Execution lobby for nostalgia’s sake before permanently signing off. Cheers folks, and long live playing dirty. :beers: :nader:

Smurfs don’t put an additional 800 hours on a secondary account, go for completion, and purchase 14 other games for the sake of stomping beginners in a game that doesn’t have a competitive scene. Some people, as hard as it may be to believe, simply enjoy fresh starts. Some people, as hard as it may be to believe, have a bit of OCD and find enjoyment in game completion and may decide to make a new Steam because their older one was an aged, disorganized mess filled with games they no longer wanted or no longer had the means of completing due to server shutdowns or an inactive playerbase. New profiles are not always synonymous with bans or cheating, but I digress. This is getting too fun.

Can a moderator or developer tell me if it’s possible to have our forum accounts permanently wiped out? I don’t think I’ll be using this place after moving on from DB and while I haven’t worn my tin foil hat in a few weeks now (personal record), I’m not particularly fond of leaving emails and me precious passwords in the hands of a service I’ll no longer be using. Cover your tracks, boys, because if ya don’t your data will be sold to some innocent lookin’ China man in an alley or a government is gonna come after ya. Gubmint’s gon’ getcha, y’all just listen here and watch. I’s seen it happen before on one of them alien programs.

Damn, I guess this did end up being pretty melodramatic… It ended up being something, that’s for sure.


See, I told ya it’s them mutants in the gubmint. They go by the name of ‘system’ and done just edited my own post to fix an image code automatically. Can’t be trusted! I just got a notification for it. Gonna line my bed with barbwire tonight before system comes crawling back to get me.

(Press E) #3

Game is still up and there are plenty of players. Unless you’re absolutely sick of the game then I don’t really see why you’d wanna formally commit to never touching it again. 777 hours is pretty cool but so is having fun after all lol

Still though, it’s your choice, and I hope everything works out for you!


Right, but that player count will continue to evaporate over time. I see the same handful of regulars in US West and East servers on a daily basis. Even if we manage to retain community servers at the beginning of next year, how populated will they actually be by then? The community servers we currently have hardly got filled just this past weekend. I do see your point, I will really miss DB, but I don’t allow myself to cling to a nostalgic past and I believe time would be better spent moving forward. Living in the past is probably the best way to describe how it feels playing DB now. I’m going to keep a close eye on SD’s future work because I’m hoping we’ll get another game along the lines of this or Enemy Territory at some point. Thanks for the well wishes!

(jemstar) #5

I know the player pool is small but in AUS we currently have 3 x community servers. My server is full every night and we see new faces all the time. There is still hope!

Oh 777hrs is a cool number but I like my 3414hrs and the fact I STILL CAN’T AIM!!

(DarkangelUK) #6

Isn’t that a reason to keep your forum account then? I don’t get the need to delete it to be honest, but if you really want it removed it can be, but honestly it makes sense to keep it if there’s a chance a future game could bring you back to the fold.


My total was probably 2100 if you account for my previous account, but don’t be so hard on yourself Jem. I’ve seen you around a lot over the years (assuming you go by Jemstar in-game too) and you’re not too bad. :wink:

That’s fair, but I could always check for news here or elsewhere without an account. People complained this place was an afterthought, regardless, and SD seemed to prioritize Reddit and social media more. Closing unused or inactive accounts is more or less just a habit I feel is good practice. What is this forum based off of and where are its servers based? I’m assuming vBulletin?

If you take a gander at SD’s privacy policy and translate the corporate speak, it essentially states emails and such can be disclosed to third-parties as well as their use of Google analytics which is renowned for being invasive. Tin foil hat paranoia? Probably. Good idea to opt-out of any service when you’re no longer actively using it? I’d say so.


Thanks for the memories and good times, everyone. Account’s been marked for deletion. Y’all take care and playyyyy dirtyyyyy. :wave:


This is something we have been trying to improve on since last year. We’ve committed to keeping them up to date and regularly watch the community forums.

Our old “Warchest” forums were running on vBulletin. That changed last year when we migrated everything to Discourse. On Servers located within the EU.


Thanks, Maisy.