I need info on melee attacks

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I didn’t find anything on the wiki that would answer these, at least not directly.

  1. Is there any type of melee strike that is an OSOK (one shot one kill)? If so, will any melee weapon do this?

  2. How many different hitboxes are there, and what are they? Do the hit boxes differ for melee attacks?

  3. The wiki makes mention of the right/left click melee attacks, but does not say what the technical differences are. When should I use one versus the other? Is a left/right combo attack effective, or is it better to do one melee hit and finish with a gun? What about a headshot burst with an auto, and follow up with a quick slash?

  4. Are melee strikes quieter?

  5. What differences are there for Phantom melee strikes, if any?

Thanks for any help.

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  1. mouse button 2 for knifes on aura, proxy and sparks
  2. I believe there is a larger hitbox for melee not sure
    3)well left is much faster and does less dmg, right hits hard but has a 1 second delay and you cant move much so its best for when enemy is still or playing phantom most people rush with knife or when out of ammo
  3. yes
  4. larger area, if you’re good you can lunge mouse 2 or heavy and hit multiple targets and one shot mercs with 90hp- or 100hp- (depending on a perk called chopper increases 15% dmg on katana and other melee weps) the mouse 1 attack does 70 dmg or 77dmg with perk. If you learn how to swipe fast you can hit multiple people, sorta like a manual Bley blade, heres link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhLy2LSc3qA Note this is just using a console marco and was removed, but the concept is still in play if you get peope close enough, it works!

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This isn’t based on science or anything, just what I’ve noticed in the game:

  1. Definitely M2 knife shots on the weaker mercs, but also the cricket bat M2 I think on other classes. Definitely wouldn’t try doing a cricket fight against a Rhino or Fragger :stuck_out_tongue:

  2. I know nothing about hitboxes, though melee usually has a wider horizontal range that makes it easier to register.

  3. Same thing that darlingClaymore says; M2 melee hits are much harder to hit because they have a longer delay and give you limited mobility. HOWEVER if you have the cricket bat, it usually will 2-hit most mercs and does so reliably without having to switch weapons. Either ambush your enemies or use it as a finishing move on enemies once you’re out of ammo or your clips are out. Just be careful and strafe around, jump around, do everything you can other than charging in face first or else you’ll get mowed down. Melee is surprisingly powerful in this game because of the extra movement speed and dodging ability.

But yeah: UNLESS you have an extra melee damage upgrade, it is better to do two M1 hits often because even M2 melee hits won’t one-shot certain mercs like Fletcher and Stoker, even if you’re playing as Phantom.

  1. It depends. Knives are really quiet in this game, but anyone can hear the high pitched sound effect of you switching to that stiletto, so be wary. Also, cricket bats have a HUGE thwacking noise that I can hear off in the distance, so while they’re still a bit quieter, they’re definitely audible and enemies will hear you. Oddly enough, cricket bats hitting things other than people are whisper quiet, so if you wanna conserve ammo taking out an ammo station, that’s totally fine.

  2. Some people have told me that Phantom’s Katana is more powerful than the cricket bat, that Redeye’s (?!) melee moves are better, etc. and honestly I don’t know. I feel like the bat is the not-Phantom merc’s version of a sword. You can get chopper with just about any melee weapon, but there’s not much of an augment except in the Katana and the bat. Also it’s just not as fun! 8) I’d like to mention that the cricket bat and the Katana both can hit multiple targets due to their larger range.



@distraction Actually a rhino and fragger are clmusy on CQC due to their slowler movement

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While we’re on the subject of melee weapons, Does the cricket bat (or any other melee weps)
have any advantage over any of the knives?

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[quote=“Retaker;115891”]While we’re on the subject of melee weapons, Does the cricket bat (or any other melee weps)
have any advantage over any of the knives?[/quote]

it goes Katana>Cricket bat>Kukri

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Thanks for the info guys!

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  1. Different melee weapons cause different damages. It is possible to OSOK some mercs with some melee weapons. Here’s a google spreadsheet of all the weapon damages https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yYDiX77THpjA-hImu2eRLio-ayOvGnDEeorZgHAieVQ/edit?pli=1#gid=490808091 . Note that for ease of placing them all on the same sheet, light attacks come under damage body and heavy attacks come under damage head. I’ll go over that in answer to Q3

  2. Melee attacks have one hitbox that is the same size as the shooting hitbox, (it includes the model’s head and body hitbox as one). However melee attacks will generally do a helluva lot of damage, especially compared to assault rifles and SMGs.

  3. Right/left click. Left click is the light attack. It comes under “damage body” on the spreadsheet I linked above, it generally deals less damage but is considerably faster (and easier to hit) than right click attacks. As expected, right click attacks are the opposite - they are slower, do approximately 50% more damage and are generally harder to hit on competent players, they are called “damage head” on the spreadsheet . You can also trigger a “heavy” or right click melee attack by pressing middle mouse (the scroll wheel if you don’t have a middle mouse button) no matter what weapon you have equipped - even your primary gun. On the subject of 1v1, the general tactic currently is to shoot your primary until you run out (and miss 2 out of 3 shots. That’s not against you, that’s just average accuracy and dodging chances) then either swap to secondary if you are confident with your accuracy on that or they are standing still, or go straight to melee and hope to God that you hit. Most melee attacks will deal about 50 damage per light hit. Never, ever heavy attack in a 1v1. It slows you down, reduces turn rate, and is generally very hard to hit against anyone who can press buttons on a keyboard.

  4. Melee attacks are silent. The only time you want to use heavy attacks is if you somehow managed to sneak up behind someone. At that point don’t be embarrassed to walk up behind him and give him some hurt. Remember that you probably won’t insta-kill with a heavy attack unless they aren’t very tanky (aura, proxy, sparks,kira come to mind), so put a pistol into their face for the trouble. That will generally kill them. Unless they are rhino. If they are rhino, don’t try to melee him. seriously. The minigun hurts.

  5. Phantom has a katana. That’s literally the only difference. It has very good damage (60 light and 90 heavy), is fairly easy to hit with and has insane amounts of drag so you might hit two or three people if you are lucky (but why are you in melee range of two or more people?). The whole deal with him was that he can go invisible. So you can show up behind someone, heavy attack and then spray them for the lulz. That is enough to even kill rhino. If you are fast and manage to throw out a second heavy whilst managing to dance out of the way of the minigun.

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Did you know cricket bat heavy is like trying to hit an fly with a string?

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You can find statistics on Damage rates for guns and melee weapons on that spreadsheet. It also includes a tab showing the various Time To Kill (T.T.K.) values for each weapon given set parameters. Some data is currently being updated on it but they are highlighted in red and none of it is related to the damage values.

Also… I just noticed this is a post that was Necro’d by, yet again, HadronZodiac.

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Indeed it is, please mind the date before posting.