I need help to escort the tank

(Comida Japonesa) #1

hello how are you i need help escorting the tank in the following topics:

1 - fix the tank so that it starts walking

2 - start walking the tank on the line I created

3 - that the tank stops when the barrier is built and does not cross

4 - let the tank use the turret to destroy the metal gate

please someone could help me, the map file is this:

mapadeteste42.pk3 (21.7 KB)

(nUllSkillZ) #2

You could have a look at the Goldrush map.

The source file of this map is available.
In addition you will need the script file (which is included in the pak0.pk3 - you might want to have a look into pak1 and pak2 (the patch files) if a newer version of this script is available).
pk3 files are zip files.

(Comida Japonesa) #3

I didn’t understand, I used the goldrush map as a reference to try to make the tank walk with script (mapa de teste 42) but I couldn’t, please could you talk in detail about how I make the tank walk on the map (mapa de teste 42)?

(nUllSkillZ) #4

I couldn’t choose your map after hosting a game.

I’ve written a short tutorial for a basic map:

Please be sure you have all the things needed in your map.

(Comida Japonesa) #5

just do it like this:

-first you put the mapadeteste42 pk3 map in etmain

  • after entering the game open the console

-then type like this -map mapadeteste42 you will enter the map

-and also open gtkradiant, open the map file, after opening you could check why the tank is not working

-and could also check what has to be fixed in the script.

(nUllSkillZ) #6

I’ve started with

/sv_pure 0
/g_gametype 2
/developer 1
/devmap mapname

and chose your map as mapname.

I was able to see the map as spectator.
As soon as I chose allied engineer and joined the game froze / the PC crashed.

(Comida Japonesa) #7

will someone else be able to help me like kemon or wutangth?

(WuTangH) #8


vehicles in ET are very complex if you are not good with scripts. (it is a combination of animations, sounds, model attachments, events…)
The best way is probably using a prefab generator that you can find at:
…and copy that into your map. It can generate barriers and the script file, too. Creating it from scrach would take a lot of time.
You will just have to place everything on correct positions, and then work on the last part - blowing up a gate. (I suggest that you use the JagdPanther tank model, as its turrent cant rotate much, so you dont need to script that)

In my opinion, the best way to import the generated tank prefab into your map, is to copy/paste the content of .MAP files through a text editor. The prefab shouldnt include any worldspawn brushes tho (important!). Also make sure it will not collide with your map geometry before you copy it.

Hope it helps!

(nUllSkillZ) #9

The following entities/informations are missing in your map.
Please add these:

  • team_WOLF_objective
    Two “team_WOLF_objective”-entities are required. One of them near by the “team_CTF_redspawn”- and one of them near by the “team_CTF_bluespawn”-entity.
    Opening the contextmenu by rightclicking into the map and choosing the option “team/team_WOLF_objective” will insert the according entity.
    The “team_WOLF_objective”-entity near by the “team_CTF_redteam”-entity has to receive the value “default_axis” by choosing this option in the entity-window.
    The “team_WOLF_objective”-entity near by the “team_CTF_blueteam”-entity has to receive the value “default_allies” by choosing this option in the entity-window.
  • mapcoordsmins / mapcoordsmaxs
    See “Radiant -> Help -> Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory -> ET LevelDesigners Reference -> Command Maps”.
  • Command Map
    See “Radiant -> Help -> Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory -> ET LevelDesigners Reference -> Command Maps”.

(Comida Japonesa) #10

ready I’ve already generated a route for the tank to pass, now how do I make the tank turret explode the gate?

tank route map file I made:

tanktest.pk3 (41.6 KB)

(Comida Japonesa) #11

the script on this map is more up to date, but I still can’t work the tank turret, could you check the problem for me?

this is the map file:

tanktest.pk3 (44.3 KB)