I Made a little poll for Phantom, care to take it?

(Fartparty) #1

Poll is here: https://www.strawpoll.me/15404999/r

I mostly hangout on reddit and occasionally in discord, and everyone still seems all up in arms about Phantom, even after 3 reworks. I’m trying to broaden my horizons so I’m curious if you guys could weigh in on him.

(Sorotia) #2

Hate to say it, but I’m one of those people who says they should probably delete him…he pretty much is always OP or UP…never been very close to the middle.

(R3dN3ck) #3

They just need to revert him back to what he was before all of this rework nonsense… He was mostly balanced.

My only other thought on balancing him is complete remodel. Remove his primary (Make him a two pistol person) and make him a katana/cricket bat main with an ability that is worth using.

(Wulie) #4

It just needs to give him a decloak- Time and/or take away his options for Cricket Bat and Katana… then his invisibility would be fine

(Fartparty) #5

My beef has always been with what’s the point of going invis in the first place if you’re basically still just Nader? It’s like, the only thing you can use his invis for is to cut people and that’s where all the balance issues come from.

Like, if they gave him engi speed for c4 (arm and disarm), or defibs, or let him throw his emp, or spot players or he can plant c4 on the EV or fucking ANYTHING. it’s like, give me something to DO while I’m invisible that makes going invisible worth it.