I know this is old news, but...

(obliviondoll) #1

…still wishing for a “no more broken AI” patch for PS3.

When the game released, the AI was pretty competent, and a solo player could ACTUALLY PLAY A ROLE and play it well, and enjoy the game. When the game released, the AI on both teams would perform competently, pushing objectives, holding the line, supporting a player who pushed the objective…

After they patched it, the AI not only fails to push the objective, but even the off-class AIs (who could at least help bodyguard an obkective class player making a run) aggressively AVOID the objective area until too late to be of any use. Official word was that this was to make the players feel more like they’re the “hero” of the story - when the entire point of the game is to feel like part of a team, and they’d captured that REALLY WELL until the patch dropped. When teams are unbalanced, the team with more players has all their AI (which means the entire team other than one player if you’re alone, which you WILL be 90% of the time) aggressively refusing to even come close to being useful in any fashion. You try to push the objective, you’re doing so alone. No support. Good luck with that? Avoid the objective, or don’t play the class that can take it? Well, nobody else is going there either, so… congrats, either way you lose, just one option gives you a chance of not dying in 8 vs. 1 firefights every time.

I get that the idea behind it was cool. Just like the idea behind “herp derp lets innovate by not having lobbies” was cool. It was something worth trying, but IT DIDN’T WORK PLEASE UN-WRECK IT.

Seriously. Please?

EDIT: No, I’m not seriously expecting anything from this, but I’ve tried before, others have tried before, and I still pick the game up occasionally. Every time, I’m reminded how much fun the movement is (the TINY issue with SMART kicking in on rare occasions where I don’t want it to notwithstanding). And every time I’m reminded how awesome the customisation is. And every time, I’m disappointed that the game is ENTIRELY IMPOSSIBLE TO PLAY WITH ANY DEGREE OF HOPE FOR A VICTORY EVER.

(Mustang) #2

Last I heard Bethesda weren’t allowing any more updates, so even if SD wanted to they couldn’t.

(obliviondoll) #3

Yup. I said that.

EDIT: And for good measure, I posted a similar thread on BethSoft’s forums. Still not expecting anything, but it’s something.

(Rex) #4

This thread can’t be true…

(obliviondoll) #5

Which part do you think is untrue?

Someone still caring enough about the game to hope for a solution to an ongoing problem?

Or that SD actually messed up and never got around to fixing it?

(Mustang) #6

Ignore him, he was just being facetious.

AI is an incredibly hard thing to do well, they even brought in specific people with experience in the field, so I’m sure it was done to the best of their abilities, within the resources and time available, I wouldn’t call that messing up, but rather striving for the best they could achieve.

(obliviondoll) #7

The problem is that they’d had it VERY CLOSE to being right where it should be, and they changed it WITHOUT receiving any feedback ANYWHERE that suggested the changes they were making would be a good idea, and those changes BROKE things that had previously worked.