I have a question

(--Zig-Zag--) #1

Can i have a kay plz i only wait that thank u

(potty1) #2

Unfortunately I have run out of keys now. I am sure there will be more handed out soon though! :slight_smile: Best of luck

(--Zig-Zag--) #3

I only want a kay my friend got one too dat :neutral_face:

(--Zig-Zag--) #4

Buts ty for look my question i only want play i am goa in combat arms i want new game

(--Zig-Zag--) #5

And if u can give one i can give u some thing good

(potty1) #6

I will post here if I receive anymore to give away on my site :slight_smile:

(--Zig-Zag--) #7

What is ur site

(potty1) #8

www.evaczone.com or look for evaczone on facebook and twitter.