I can't find RAD soldiers in the app store


I can’t find it

(badman) #2

It’s currently only available in the Canadian App Store: http://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/rad-soldiers/id511273608?mt=8

Worldwide release is drawing near.

(Fredrik) #3

How near is it? I can’t stand the wait!

(tinker) #4

the first-player advantage has been discussed many times
and proved wrong just as many times

in chess, if both players play PERFECT, white always wins
the paradox thing is, there is no perfect turn, only perfect answers to a turn… in consequenz : there is no perfect first turn, thus no advantage for white

in Rad Soldiers, I have won games by taking out 1 or even 2 enemy soldiers or dealing massive amounts of damage in MY first turn (as 2nd player)
the 1st player might not do damage under usual circumstances in his first turn at all

the 2nd player can react perfectly to the first players strategy,

1st player has positioning advantage
2nd player has strategical advantage