i am looking for a clan

(resonantMirror) #1

hello if you are here then welcome, Hi my name is Julian i am looking for a dirty bomb clan to play with i am a pretty good proxy and if you need a proxy add my on steam my steam is “Xiao :D” i hope someone will add me for a clan. thanks for reading this :slight_smile:

(SirMurder) #2

Clans are not REALLY a thing in DB

(resonantMirror) #3

cool thanks for letting me know

(1elkubik) #4

Saying that, you can always check out TAW. We’re a friendly gaming community all over the world. We plan on taking part in some competitions eventually, however the whole purpose right now is to get some more members into the Dirty Bomb division. We have members of all different levels and skills, I mean we have a level 40 something and some sub 10s. It really is great fun to play with people that know their way around the game, and it is a great source of advice for people of practically all skill levels. I’ll put some links below for further reading, see ya on the TeamSpeak server mate!

https://taw.net/ (TAW’s website)

http://steamcommunity.com/groups/TAWDirtyBomb (steam group page)

http://forums.dirtybomb.nexon.net/discussion/17265/the-art-of-warfare-is-now-recruiting#latest(recruitment forum with more information)